Please note, that many of the projects were originally built with learning motivation. A wiseman once said “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing” - Aristotle, Ethics.


A small utility library mainly for functional shortcuts when using Project Reactor, Reactor Netty and VAVR, also some GSON adapters, and nonblocking YAML utils, File utils.


A Bill of Materials (BOM) for memoria opensource projects


A research/educational small synchronous counter app with 50K requests per second, might be used for events synchronization between multiple topics

java Docker

Latest JDK and Maven, installed over docker.

etcd Docker

A quick Etcd cluster

ansible Docker

Ansible through docker, so you don’t have to install ansible on your machine.

kafka Docker

Dockerized kafka


A single page app, and a github template.

Personal Projects

The following repositories can be found here under my personal github Some are toy projects, sample code, or even coding challenges.

2020 - Magazine

An Eventsourcing implementation example with hexagonal/adapter&port like architecture

2019 - Transport

A small challenge implemented in Scala, as Restful microservice, using http4s and other libraries.

2019 - Mancala

Mancala Game, a Java based Restful microservice, using Reactor Netty, Vavr.io tried to do CQRS (semi success, needs little clean up), Gson and other libs.

2011 - Shortcut virus fix

A small fix for shortcut virus written in java

2011 - Long path file copier

Java small project to copy files that have long path in windows

2011 - Web Crawler

A web crawler I used after college to send my resumes to over 2500 company email in Egypt, I got around 10 interviews in the first couple of weeks soon after.

2011 JANN

A Java Artificial Neural Network Framework, currently under major changes.

Code Samples

2008:Present - Code Samples

  • Code samples of Scala, Java, Go, Matlab, Prolog, CPP