Frontend Projects

Sunstreet This website is built using Sunstreet single page app.

Java Projects


A Java Artificial Neural Network Framework, currently under major changes.

Java Samples Project

A set of small projects and code bits.

C++ Projects

Cpp Samples Project A Set of small projects and code bits:

  • Small Projects
    • Palindrome Numbers, Prime Numbers, Roman Numbers, Combination Numbers

Prolog Projects

Prolog Samples Project

A Set of small projects and code bits:

  • Games
    • Intelligent X-O Extended in Prolog, Neural X-O
  • Gists
    • distances, solve 2 equations, write, write list, add,add to list, concatenation, deletion, Chess Eight Queens, file handling, names, romanian map, predecessors, Square formula.

Matlab Projects

Industrial Handling Robotic Arm Kinematics driver A simple 3 DOF kinematics calculator.

Graduation Project

Discovering OCRs ( January – August 2008 ). Implemented Optical Character Recognition system. Used Image processing techniques for characters enhancement, compression, edging and pixelization, before processed by neural networks where Tanh Back-propagation Neural Networks batch learning is applied for character recognition, using MATLAB.