2019 - Transport

A small challenge implemented in Scala, as Restful microservice, using http4s and other libraries.

2019 - Mancala

Mancala Game, a Java based Restful microservice, using Reactor Netty, Vavr.io tried to do CQRS (semi success, needs little clean up), Gson and other libs.

2018 - Etcd Docker

A quick Etcd cluster

2018 - Go Samples

Was learning Go language and started this

2016 - Ansible Docker

Ansible through docker, so you don’t have to install ansible on your machine.

2015 - Scala Samples

Was and still learning Scala

2015 - Sunstreet

Sunstreet is a single page app, github template.

2015 - Devops Samples

It’s easy to forget devops scripts, still updating this.

2015 - Java Enterprise Edition Samples

A set of Java Enterprise Edition samples from when I was preparing for Oracle Certified Expert certificate.

2015 - Debian Installation Guide

Installing Debian was a long forgettable process, so I kept it.

2014 - Java Samples

A set of small of Java code samples, algorithms, design patterns, books questions etc.

2012 - Google App Engine Sample

Google App Engine Boilerplate from time when I was working in bright creations.

2011 - Shortcut virus fix

A small fix for shortcut virus written in java

2011 - Long path file copier

Java small project to copy files that have long path in windows

2011 - Web Crawler

A web crawler I used after college to send my resumes to over 2500 company email in Egypt, I got around 10 interviews in the first couple of weeks soon after.

2011 - JANN

A Java Artificial Neural Network Framework, currently under major changes.

2010 - Matlab

Industrial Handling Robotic Arm Kinematics driver 2010** A simple 3 DOF kinematics calculator.

2009 - Prolog Samples

A Set of small projects and code bits: Intelligent X-O Extended in Prolog Game Neural X-O Game distances, solve 2 equations, write, write list, add,add to list, concatenation, deletion, Chess Eight Queens, file handling, names, romanian map, predecessors, Square formula.

2008 - Cpp Samples

From College time, Set of small projects and code bits; Palindrome Numbers, Prime Numbers, Roman Numbers, Combination Numbers