Best Keyboard for coding

Best Keyboard for coding


Our greatest enemies!

First, The 60% or 70% compact keyboards

Found in many laptops nowadays with those hipster smallish (cutesy, emasculating for both men and women) arrow keys inspired by Apple I would assume, is a menace to our society.

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Not only having to press the extra Fn key every time you wanted to move around in pages, or even worse to highlight something using Home/End keys, but you have to be very careful not hitting the down arrow when you want the up. Use the damn empty space for God’s sake.

Second, The QWERTZ !

Being in Germany and having been forced once to try the German QWERTZ keyboard. It was horrible experience.

I could bet, Engima machines were in QWERTZ…….

Oh, wait !

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Now we know why the Führer lost the war ! (If you read this as the fucker, it’s not my fault)

Anyway I’m happy, otherwise the whole world would have been screwed by this ugliness

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I spent hours looking for the “@” symbol, it was a nightmare.

So, Why the 65% or 75% QWERTY ANSI are the best ?!

  • Update: As one comment brought it to my attention, 75% is the optimum, unless you don’t care about F keys row, but the case for both is the 5% column + compactness is what this article is about.
  • Compactness: You can reach all keys without having to move your wrist, The following was my all time favorite laptop Dell-Inspiron 1545.

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  • The (Delete, Home, Page Up, Page Dn, End) aka the 5% column, where the keys are all lined up in a very easy to remember logical order.
  • The End key is just above the right arrow which makes perfect semantic sense ;)
  • The Delete key is just diagonal up to Backspace, and above Home key, so that you can just reach start of the line and then start pressing Delete, again makes perfect sense
  • The Enter key is just simple, it doesn’t take up 2 rows like in ISO to make a fricken point, it doesn’t have to be big!
  • 100% keyboards are super annoying when you need to use the mouse, and take much space while you rarely use the numpad, the worst is that Laptops never have actual 100% with the (Page Up, End, Home …) block, they just added numpads.

Das ist alles, but ….

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