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January 2014
AlhamdLellah, Just passed Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer with total score 84% close to what I did in OCJP. aboutpageimg
Well, I’m a Java Software Developer, I love Chess, Basketball and Cycling, and very much interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Enterprise Web Applications; If you have a project/idea and want consultation or you want to hire someone for the job feel free to contact me.

So I was born in 19th of July 1986 Cairo Egypt, Graduated In May 2010 (B.Sc In Computer Science). aboutpageimg In college I’ve been interested in social cycling in our beloved crowded and noisy egyptian capital. I co-founded Cairo Cycler’s Club (mind my vocab mistake but it stuck :D ) it went viral and there were lots of exciting events, tv/radio interviews and members reached 5K or more. The idea was simple; since Cairo is not a loner cyclist friendly environment in fact sometimes hostile (harrasment/cars), then a group will balance the situation.

My Graduation Project was Discovering OCRs (A combination of Supervised Back propagation Neural Network algorithm and Image processing Techniques),aboutpageimg I also finished my first Robotic Arm Kinematic System (Used MATLAB) in August the same year along with a group of brilliant Mechanical and Electrical Engineers as it was their graduation project.

In April 30th 2011 I Released first Snapshot of Project JANN. In August 14th 2011 I took the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer Exam and passed with a total score 85%. aboutpageimg By the end of November 2011 I joined an amazing company “Emerge Technologies” for 3 months during that period I’ve designed and implemented back to back a highly flexible and dynamic HR System for managing attendance and office/home working hours, vacations etc (Used MySql, Php, and Yii Framework).

aboutpageimg After that I left Emerge in March 2012 cause I believed my real passion was for Java Web based Applications and not by any mean Php nor .NET, I also believe being generic developer with too many tools doesn’t sharpen ones skills and doesn’t help becomming professional specially if we’re talking about php vs .net vs java since they’re very much different set of languages and require different mentalities. But I spent some quality time with the teams and CEO/Guru was actually brilliant and I’ve learned so much from him.

Then in August 2012 I finished a Machine Learning Online course by Prof. Andrew Ng. You may also have a look at my programming aboutpageimgportfolio.

In September 2012, I was blessed to work in one of the leading most bright software companies as a Java Software Developer called Bright Creations, with really smart and experienced coworkers, We together have developed number of Google App Engine/Java based applications I’ve learned so much from my team leader back then, he is one of the brightest Java and Python developers I’ve come to work with.

After almost 8 months (April 15th 2013) I left Bright-Creations, I’ve learned so much in there and it’s one of the best and promising companies I’ve seen. In every place I’ve been working, I’ve met great people with magnificent potentials. I learned so much from them, I’ve learned to be more resilient, to appreciate time, focus, and get the job done as quickly as possible.

By the end of April 2013 I Released first Snapshot of Project Simplicity which is open source GAE/J boilerplate.

I’ve already read about and tried many languages so far; I believe Java, C++ and Javascript are the best languages that ever suited my mindset and way of programming, with their various frameworks, wide spreading apps, and being open source, I simply enjoy and I’m more than comfortable programming using any one of them.

… and that’s pretty much it, more to come hopefully.

For the dreams,

Ismail Marmoush

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