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My coding zone

My coding zone

Scientists, Developers to follow

I kept a list of some developers and their blogs, scientists, book authors and yesterday, I had my list increased by 20 developers.

And here’s my list

Web Design or Scripting

Good Companies

Freelancer Success story

This article is a call to the community of freelancers to have an ethical opensource standardized freelance organization to aid and protect the whole process.

Law doesn’t protect fools, and I was one of them; But does it have to ?

In all the cities, business providers have been given each and every right to enslave workers or make sure they can when they want to. This for fact has indeed affected the online business of freelancing, because by the time you hear about the facility, the market or mall (i.e Elance, Odesk, etc) the rules already have been changed from those were set by the innocent (hopefully) enterpreneur to those which were made to abide or be biased to the agenda of a business provider aka client to guarantee maximum profits and highest appeal to clients, where ever there’s coal there are coal miners.


I’ve worked in two companies and it was great experience, and I’ve had number of interviews over the past 2 years since I’ve graduated (in 24 company multipled by average 2 meetings per one) all of them are software companies by the way which I consider a good number relative to the number of software houses in Egypt. I made it because I never refused to do an interview whether it’s far or the company website is disgraceful I followed my father advice that it will be good experience and actually It really was helpful but also dreadful sometimes.

I’m not good with facial expressions but I’ve reached a state or you can call it experience to at least know I’m already a base candidate or a subcandidate that interviewer has to meet with to fill the number of interviews held. I’ve also met with Aggressive Go-getter HR managers and

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